für massages and the wellness area

Wellness Area

Relax in our wellness area and treat yourself to a relaxing sauna session after a nice day on the ski slopes or the hiking trails and then relax in our relaxation area.

Here you will also find: infrared cabin, deep heat cabin experience showers, heated benches, warming lounger, Kneipp facility for relaxing

Very special is our Gonde - barefoot path. Experience nature close, awaken your senses and treat your feet to freedom and a very special adventure. The natural elements from the local environment will impress you.

Wellness opening times & prices

openingtime summer:
SO - FR:   05:30 p.m  to 08:00 p.m
SA:            closed

openingtime winter:
SO - FR:   04:30 p.m to 08:00 p.m
SA:            05:00 p.m to 08:00 p.m


  • 1x wellness use / apartment: _____________ 22 €
  • 3x block wellness use / apartment:_________ 50 €
  • 4x block wellness use / apartment:_________ 55 €
  • 5x block wellness use / apartment:_________ 60 €
  • 6x block wellness use / apartment:_________ 65 €
  • 7x block wellness use / apartment:_________ 70 €
Prices apply to the use of the wellness and relaxation area for all adults aged 15 and over in the apartment per day. Children under the age of 15 are not allowed (nude area).
Prior registration is mandatory (list entry).
If not used, no refund possible!
* From the 3-ticket there are gradually reduced prices.
If you buy the tickets every day, the single ticket price applies!

Overwater - Massage

Hydromassages with Hydro-Jet (water jet technology)
Back and joint pain, muscle tension, muscular imbalances, stress-related muscular tension, cervical migraines. With us you can do something about it.

After a nice day on the slopes or the hiking trails, enjoy a massage of a special kind at the Gondeblick. Overwater massages with hydro-jet. The massage with water jet technology will delight you.

Without having to undress and get wet, lie down on the couch and have your back, shoulder, lumbar, legs or all massaged together.

Massage opening times & prices

A hydrojet (water jet) massage takes 20 mins, you can keep your clothes on and you don't get wet.

opening time:
SO - SA: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.:

  • 1x massage use:____________________ 20 €
  • 2x block massage use: _______________ 30 €
  • 3x block massage use: _______________ 35 €
If not used, no refund possible!
* From the 2-ticket there are gradually reduced prices.
If you buy the tickets every day, the single ticket price applies!
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