Grün Metal Technics

Turning - Milling- Engraving

The company GMT (Grün Metal Technology) mainly produces products which cannot be bought in the trade (no bar stock). We are specialized in repairs and in the production of individual parts as well as small series of machine elements. In this trade the company can fall back on 21 years of professional experience in mechanical engineering and drive technology (construction, planning, measuring and machining processes as well as repair processing).

In the workshop, turning, milling, drilling, sawing and engraving work is carried out on a wide range of workpieces made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, bronze, brass and various plastics using conventional machines as well as CNC machines. This also includes precision work with an accuracy of 0.005 millimetres. The parts are measured with high-precision measuring equipment.

But GMT is also active in arts and crafts. For example, many professional and hobby musicians appreciate the specially adapted and engraved stainless steel mouthpieces. These differ from the commercially available gold or silver plated brass mouthpieces by their special and unmistakable characteristics and appearance.

We have also equipped several Tyrolean music bands, shooting companies, shooting guilds or companies with stainless steel schnapps dispensers. Also a galvanic coating as desired (gold or silver) is no problem for us.

If you need an individually designed medal in any size, you have come to the right place. For example, we produce medals of honour, club medals, medals for company anniversaries or simply for a very special gift. We engrave highly complex graphics or logos on the metal surface of your choice and finish it with a gold or silver coating.



Weinlift mit Schaugetriebe

Ein besonderes Projekt, welches 2022 verwirklicht wurde, ist die komplett Herstellung eines Weinliftes mit Schaugetriebe, von der Planung, Konstruktion und kompletten Fertigung, in einer edlen Weinbar in Fiss.
Eine Herausforderung dabei war nicht nur die Fertigung und die statischen, antriebstechnischen Berechnungen, sondern auch dass der Antrieb nicht via Elektromotor, sondern über eine Handkurbel betrieben werden musste. Vorallem die Sicherheitseinrichtung, welche komplett mechanisch gelöst werden musste, war eine große Herausforderung um den Lift CE und Tüv Komform bauen zukönnen.
Das Handkurbelgetriebe hat 2 Stufen welche über eine Kurbelwelle geschaltet wird.

Andere Beispielfotos

Serfaus Fiss Ladis Europäische Reiseversicherung Rad- und Bikeunterkunft